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Security systems provide safety to families from incidents such as burglary, fire and gas leaks. We are all at risk of not only losing our valuables but also suffering possible harm to our dear ones. You can however protect yourself from intruders to a significant extent with the installation of

Intrussion panel

Video door Phone solution

CCTV systems

Digital door locks

These systems will raise alerts by way of sirens , sms/telephone call , popup on a Andriod/IOS app whenever there is a intrusion. Thus these intrusion can be prevented due to timely intervention.

These systems when networked will provide features like MOCK-Occupancy , due to which thefts and burglaries can be prevented . The house is configured such that , it seems , that you are residing there all the time. For example , even when you are not at home , the news on the radio will switch on at 7am and switch-off at 8am ; the Music will switch-on at 9am and switch-off at 11am. The sprinkler will switch-on at 2pm and switch off at 4pm ; the lights on the compound / living will switch-on at 6.30am and switch off at 9pm.

You can control all the important systems in your house like water pumps , lights , Diesel-generators , sprinklers & water valves for your garden . This control is possible via SMS & APP when your away.


These systems will alert you via email (with photo from cctv camera ) & sms whenever a sensor is triggered ( even when unarmed ) after , say, 10pm. These images will help you sense if there is any danger , since you had an intrusion after 10pm within your premises without your permission.

Since the VDP is also integrated with CCTv& intrs]ion , we can raise a alert , send and SMS , email the picture of the person at the door , whenever the door bell is pressed ( whenever you are Not at home)

Using these systems we provide solutions which can prevent harm to property , people & equipment.