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Building automation is a specialized field that demands expertise in its design, engineering and deployment methods based on the asset's purpose and its make-up.


Today , there is no doubt that security is a concern which any building /home has to address comprehensively. The security solutions can be classified as:

Security Systems , CCTV systems & access control systems

Public address systems , voice evacuation systems & background music

Fire detection & alarm systems

Digital signage

Energy saving:

With with growing concerns on climate it is important to ensure that each building has a low carbon footprint. This means that building should consume lesser energy . This is possible only when you increase efficiency. IBMS systems can monitor & control different building systems to increase efficiency and save energy.

Lighting management systems

HVAC controls



In todays days world , customer / employee / guest satisfaction leads to more profitability. Maintaining building is a complex affair Since the complexities of buildings systems have increased . Inorder to provide comfort to consumers inside a building and have hassle free builing maintenance the following features can be incorposated :

Board Room automation

Lighting control

Hotel room automation

Digital signage system

WIFI networking


Multi SAT Tv system

Services offerred

Public address systems , voice evacuation systems & background music


SIT has been involving in consulting , design & implementing analog & Ip based Public address + Background music system . We can integrate this with fire & intrusion systems and create a effective Voice evacuation system in case of an emergency

Digital signage system


Digital Signs are used in Wayfinding Placemaking Exhibitions, Public art, Marketing Outdoor advertising.

Digital signs use technologies such as LCD ,LED display and Projection to display content such as information and can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc.

Digital signage displays use Content management systems and Digital Media Distribution System which can either be run from personal computers and servers.

Our specialist can design , consult & implement digital signage solutions .

Boardroom automation


A corporate boardroom consists of equipment like Projectors , LCD monitors , Dimmable lights , Audio conference systems , Video conference systems , AC’s , Video switchers & Audio switchers . Each equipment has its own control via a wired or wireless / IR remote. Boardroom management is a complex affair since all equipment are interconnected. It is better to use a control system , In order to reduce the complexity and allow smooth functioning of the boardroom . SIT has been involved in design , consulting & implementation of boardroom automation solutions.

Lighting management systems


Light Management is much more than the use of motion sensors. It is the optimal connection of user interfaces, control units, daylight- and motion sensors and electronic control gears and performs much more.

Rising energy expenditures ask for a highly efficient lighting solution. Stricter directives as the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) can be observed easier with application oriented control systems like DALI , DMX & Lights over IP . Light management from SIT enables all this especially through the operation of intelligent sensors. Professional light management offers a stimulating illumination that not only saves energy, but above makes shopping to a new experience. Or through staging of different light moods that makes the guests of a restaurant feel like home. Our specialists provide expert planning, design and consulting services.

HVAC controls


HVAC (stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is a control system that applies regulation to a heating and/or air conditioning system. THE HVAC system consumes the maximum energy in a given building infrastructure.

Usually a sensing device is used to compare the actual state (e.g., temperature) with a target state. Then the control system (DDC controllers) draws a conclusion what action has to be taken

Significant power saving can be achieved by sensing & controlling the HVAC system.. Our specialists provide expert planning, design and consulting services.

Security Systems , CCTV systems & access control systems


To provide tenants and structures with maximum protection in today's high-risk world, your security system must take full advantage of your building's structural and interior design.

For existing buildings, this requires analysis of the structure's vulnerabilities and implementation of upgrades.Our specialists provide expert security planning, design and consulting services


Fire detection & alarm systems

We offer a full range of building and fire code consultation for developers, owners, and architects. The focus of a Fire Safety is the protection of life, property and business from the threat of fire.

Our commitment is to provide the best in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of quality, cost effective systems to meet our customers' expectations and surpass industry standards in line with NFPA Standards.

Hotel Solutions

Hotel Facilites

Hospitality is the most booming industry round the globe. Quality of the hotels are measured based on the latest technology solutions that they provide. We provide various hospitality based solutions for maximum guest satisfaction while providing a hassle free operation of the property.

We help our esteemed hotel clients to have an edge on their competition.

Passive & active networking

Passive & active networking

The basic requirement of an intelligent building is a consistent and scalable cabling infrastructure. Cabling infrastructure should be one that will be flexible for the requirements of the day as well as for the couple of decades more. A robust cabling supported by appropriate Active Network equipments provides the infrastructure to cater to the demands of all voice, data and video requirements of an intelligent building.

WIFI networking

With the advent of Mobile devices like IPADS , Andriods the corporate are looking at an era called BYOD ( bring your own device ). All these devices need to coomunicate with the respective servers & internet, Wifi is a proven & the only way to coonect and use services like data , voice & video. Our team to engineers provide , design , consulting & implementation services for enterprise class wifi networks.


SIT has been designing Integrated Building Management System involving complex integrations with various MEP services ( HVAC related chillers, pumps, terminal units, VFDs, Electrical related Meters, Diesel Generators, essential breakers, Water Management System, etc).

The Building Management is a specialised field that demands expertise in its design, engineering and deployment methods and the treatment we accord to your construction will be distinctive based on the asset's purpose and its make-up

FTTX , Video on Demand


Fiber to the x (FTTX) is a generic term for any Broadband network architecture using Optical fiber to provide all or part of the Local loop used for Last Telecommunication. The term is a generalization for several configurations of fiber deployment, ranging from FTTN (fiber to the neighborhood/node) , FTTB ( fibre to the building , FTTH ( fibre to the home ) to FTTD (fiber to the desktop). Fibre is the only solution for the growing demand for bandwidth . Due to the range of audio + video services & a demand for high internet bandwidth the bandwidth demand is increasing exponentially. Our specialists provide expert security planning, design and consulting services

Multi SAT TV

As we know there is growing number of SATV providers and each SAT TV is specializing in a specific type of video content. This has given rise to demand for more than one SAT TV service proider per home. There is also a demand for many different service providers in apartment complexes. The traditional system of wirng houses / apartment complexes for different service providers is complex , messy and leads to maintenance problems. This has resulted in many houses and apartments to go in for a simple wiring infrastructure with the Multi SAT TV hardware. This system enables one SAT TV disk for a building per service provider. Many apartments can use the signal from this common SAT TV dish antennae. Our specialists provide expert security planning, design and consulting services

We follow open standards like BACNET , Modbus , KNX & IP in our solutions . We try and optimize resources by building a common network for data, voice , security , access control , HVAC & LMS .