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Energy Conservation

Due to concerns on climate change we are all looking to reduce the carbon foot print in all aspects of our lives. We can reduce energy consumption by increasing efficiency of the HVAC usage by integrating the AC into automation. We can control usage of AC’s by sensing the temperature outside & inside the house. We provide thermostats where one can set the temperature he desires inside the room. The occupany sensor will ensure that the AC will be switched off when there is no occupancy. The curtains / skyroofs can be opened based on temperature outside to reduce HVAC usage. We can reduce wasteful usage of power by way of lighting automation. We can switch off lights when not needed.

Energy conservation can be maximized by installaing the following systems

HVAC automation using thermostats & occupany sensors

Lighting automation

Blind / curtain / Sun roof control along with SUNlight , rain & weather sensors

Controlling the solar / UPS / Invertor systems.